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– AKV Berlin Publishing House

In 2006 a publishing house with an official surface was founded. Released publications have included the following themes: Tests concerning the gap between image and text, experimental journalism, urban semiotics, practices of appropriation of space and knowledge, investigative documentations and arguments with archives and biographies.

Authorship: AKV is of the opinion that the role or identity of the author is influential in how text and image are perceived. The publications have been produced by the following: anonymously working authors, author-groups or collective authors who publish under their civil name. The publishing house welcomes experimental author concepts, which will interrogate the potential roles of the originator. Through rearrangements within the author-publisher-structure, undiscovered latitudes and narrations as well as unproven connections between text and image can be generated.

Currently AKV includes four representatives who appear sporadically before the public to present recent publications, to enrich them with amplifying material and/or to establish relationships between publications. Programming sets out projects beyond publishing and includes performative lectures and experimental exhibitions. (We encountered multiple problems involving the exhibition of printed matter.) Presentations are held in private and public contexts and serve as a vehicle for debates. AKV is independently run and not-for-profit based; all profits feed directly back into current production.

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