Culture in Motion is a curated video magazine dedicated to culture in motion. We showcase and produce videos from the urban scene worldwide.

Stocktown is today a cultural movement celebrating creativity and freedom of souls. We started out in the late 90’s documenting all aspects of street culture from all over the world through documentaries, pirate television and various exhibition projects. Stocktown is the spot where all the things that we love come together: the stories, the music, the culture and the people. We want to share our stories and reach out to a wide audience to take part in it all.

In the spring of 2011 our video magazine was launched. Here you can find selected videos from the urban scene, handpicked by a global team of video curators presenting you with video clips, their best links, fresh content and filmmakers from all over the world. The categories vary from music, dance, art, fashion and documentaries and showcase movements that are alternative and independent productions.

Stocktown is based in Stockholm, Sweden but we’re always on the lookout for new exciting collaborations with people all over the world.”



Afripedia [af-ri-pee-deeuh] noun, plural

A platform and a visual guide to art, film, photography, fashion, design, music and contemporary culture from African creatives worldwide.

About Afripedia

“When Africa is changing, when the world is changing and the perspective is shifting, the image of Africa and Africans needs to change too.

Afripedia is promoting and collaborating with a new generation of storytellers leading the way. A source for art, design, videos, photography, fashion, visual arts, music and contemporary culture from the African continent and African creatives working all over the world, Afripedia is a platform and future forum for African creatives worldwide. […]

Initiated by Stocktown Films, Afripedia is very much a collaborative project. Editors, curators, users, creatives and artists will be doing this together. Welcome to creativity, welcome to Afripedia.”

photo: Cyrus Kabiru

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